Monday, June 09, 2008

Bush warns of paycuts for troops

Bush said that if Congress does not act promptly, “critical accounts at the Department of Defense will soon run dry.” He added that civilian employees may face “temporary layoffs,” and the Pentagon would be forced to “close down a vital program that is getting potential insurgents off the streets and into jobs.” If the supplemental spending bill is not enacted after July, Bush said, the department would “no longer be able to pay our troops,” including ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.
--From The Hill

Where do your loyalties lie, George? You're either with the troops or against them. You're either with the privitized military contractors who you're still going to pay or against our troops. Which is it? Rather then cut the pay to the contractors (who've literally stole billions of tax dollars) you threaten Congress by using the all volunteer military as a pawn? What kind of sick person are you?

Rep. Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a former Democratic presidential contender, said Monday he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi consistently has said impeachment was "off the table."

Kucinich, D-Ohio, read his proposed impeachment language in a floor speech. He contended Bush deceived the nation and violated his oath of office in leading the country into the Iraq war.

Kucinich introduced a resolution last year to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. That resolution was killed, but only after Republicans initially voted in favor of taking up the measure to force a debate.

Kucinich won 50 percent of the vote in a five-way House Democratic primary in March, beating back critics who said he ignored business at home to travel the country in his quest to be president.
--From The AP

Why is Congressman Dennis Kucinich the only one with cojones? Why is he the only one standing up for our Constitution, the same Constitution that many brave men and women have died defending? The same Constitution that George W. Bush called "just a Goddamned piece of paper." I wonder how many phone calls, faxes and letters it would take for the other members of Congress to not deny justice as Kucinich is? Shall we see?

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