Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rev On Voting

This morning, from our Red Letter Rev:

G'mornin' {{y'all}}

I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show on the way in to work. They were carrying reports from 1-866-MYVOTE1; very intereting things going on. They were getting an average of 5-7 calls per minutes, largely about where to find polling places. It appears that primary polling places are different from the general election places and not everyone was getting the word. Thank goodness for resources like 1-866-MYVOTE1.

There were numerous complaints from Georgia. The new republican-backed voter ID requirements were working as predicted and quite a few people were being turned away. Also, there aren't nearly enough machines, making the lines very long and ensuring that voters who had to get work had to give up before being able to vote. There were numerous reports of machines breaking down and this problem only agitated the problem of not having enough machines in the first place.

I'm going to interject right here and ask why in heck is it that during Democratic primaries and in heavily Democratic precincts, there never seem to be enough resources? I'd also like to know when it is that we're going to stand up and counter the Republic meme of "voter fraud" (which has been proven to be near non-existent and concentrate on the real problem of Republic-engineered election fraud. Here it is, the year 2008 and we're still dealing with the same dirty tricks that went on in 2000. I'm thoroughly disgusted with Republic engineering, fraud, suppression and in-your face, don't-care-who-knows rigging and mobster tricks. That's the kind of crap that we castigated Russia for in the 1960's.


Thank heaven for people who have courage, a voice and a microphone, like Tom Joyner, are speaking out. A lot of folks listen to his morning show. Perhaps we'll finally be inspired to concrete action before the general election, rather than being thwarted in getting to the truth afterward. It's up to us to break the pattern of republic election abuse, suppression and fraud. Y'all listen in and follow, because we're getting reports right from the ground. This time, the republics can't tell us it isn't happening — we're hearing it all live.

I have the sneaking suspicion that there are a lot of moderate Republicans who are secretly going to push a (D) presidential button this fall. 'S'awright, nobody's gonna tell on 'em — even secretly cheer them on for coming to their senses.

It looks pretty evident that only the koolade-drenched 26% want more failed policies, more lies, more war, more debt, more lawlessness, and more destruction. If they want war so damn badly, then they need to get off their chickenhawk asses and go fight one, rather than cheering when someone else's child or spouse is sacrificed to their bloody, bitter, evil war-god.

The more we all work at it now, the bigger the landslide will be.

Oh, how I'd love to shove a dose of STFU down the 26%-ers' wackogelical, Constitution-despising, America-hating, chickenhawk throats.

In the last few years, they've worked on us to convince us to give up the very last remaining thing that makes America "America" — to wit: the Constitution and its precious Bill of Rights. It is presently only the thinnest of lines between us and a complete collapse of the Union, putting once-proud Americans on their knees as slaves. Not just a segment of us, as once was a shameful part of our history — but all of us universally.

Give up my rights, my Constitution, my pride? Over my dead body. They might accomplish that in a hand-to-hand, but they'll by-G'd know I was there and I was an American.


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