Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Raging Rev's Righteous Ranting

This story must be kept going. Sibel Edmonds is talking and the truth about neokkkon dirty deals involving nuclear material and internal and domestic spying against the United States must come to light. Since no action has been taken by our government to find and prosecute the domestic spies and nuclear arms dealers in its midst, she is bravely speaking out despite what consequences may befall her.

Congress has avoided asking any real questions (like "name some names") and the DOJ has so far turned its head. MSM, of course, hasn't picked it up, but bloggers aren't giving up. If you really want to take the USA back from the fascists, arms dealers and traitors, read these and pass them on.

There are people in the administration and in the CIA who are actively engaged in the illegal trafficking of nuclear material -- this, while hollering about who can and cannot develop nuclear technology. (Sound like anybody we know, like certain two-faced republics?) These are far more serious than impeachable offenses: the rot goes deep, far deeper than even we had dreaded.

We're talking about verifiable, overt acts of treason perpetrated by high-up officials. Serious, scary and should cause any patriotic American a good deal of anger; enough to prod Congress into some real action.

The next POTUS and AG must be willing to investigate each thread to its very end and put the guilty to the punishment they so richly deserve for spying, then taking action against our country, lining their pockets with our money and washing their hands in the blood of innocents the world over.


The next POTUS I'm looking for is the one who will have the cojones to go after these treasonous bastids with tooth and toenail.


I, for one, have had a bellyful of criminals running the government; especially when they've tried over and over to disenfranchise me and millions of other voters, have legislated against me and mine, stirred hatred and division, spied on millions of innocent Americans and -- worst of all -- have sold bits of nuclear technology and weaponry directly to the ones they're calling our enemies.

That is treason. No way out, no other way of defining or excusing it. Bush, Cheney, and hundreds of their specially-appointed minions in extremely sensitive places in government have divided us up with idiotic "wedge issues", have diverted our attention with mirrors and parlor tricks whilst committing some of the worst acts of traitorousness against the United States since the American Revolution.

Benedict Arnold did nowhere near as much damage as these criminals.

Yet, MSM and at least half the population give them a pass.

My many-greats grandparents who fought and died, liberating this nation from tyranny and its citizens from ill-use, who made sure that we have a Constitution and a government of laws and reason are now whirling, ready to climb up out their graves. Shame, shame on Americans for letting heinous acts be given a pass, simply because we're too busy watching for Paris Hilton's next square-shot or worrying about the "sanctity of marriage" WhateverTF that nonsense is supposed to be.

Have we really become that inured or that goddam dumb? Are we so numb to the pain that we no longer care what happens to what was only lately in our history the greatest nation on earth? Do we not care that murder and torture are being carried out in our name (just so long as it isn't our own skins)? Both my Dem granddaddies are having fits in their graves. I'm having a fit now.

Growing up, I was proud to be an American. We stood for something. We stood for peace, for ingenuity and progress; we prayed quietly and humbly as our Lord commanded, not in the public square like the Pharisee TV mega-money preachas. We pledged allegiance and meant it, because there was honor, integrity, truth, and patriotism behind what that flag stood for.

In less than eight years, every bit of that has been reduced to shameful meaninglessness by a criminally-minded, "do as I say, not as I do" band of Republics who were all-too happy to sell us, our nation, our resources, our jobs and our futures off to whatever bidder; all to line their own pockets, trample on every true American value, and subjugate the masses.

Woe, and how far the mighty have fallen. Woe unto woe that a monkey is at the top of the heap.


It's amazing to me that anyone would identify themselves as republic any more. Only criminals support criminals. Never have I seen such a completely amoral, self-righteous bunch of crooks, not in all my born days. They're either an in-your-face, out-and-out crook or a religious nut.

Neither has any place in government, let alone polite society.


At the moment, I'm more worried about getting back what we've already lost. Our Constitution has been used for toilet-paper; all our rights have been abridged or ignored. Before I worry any more about discrimination against LGBT folks, I've got to occupy myself with the outright destruction of American law, values and decency. Without the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, anything else just sorta pales.

I know I sound rant-y today, but I'm far from angry. I'm frightened; down-to-the-core frightened. We have reached a Stalinist, authoritarian point in our history, much to the great sadness of patriotic Americans. The republic neoKKKons have turned the Pentagon and the CIA into mob-run, strongarm operations of which even the Mafia would be ashamed. Any one of us is in danger of a free trip to the Caribbean (or worse "black site" place) for speaking out.

If Keith Olberman and Sibel Edmonds have the courage to fight against this dark force that has pervaded our nation, then find the courage I must.

I spent my time in the military; even extended my active duty because they were short in my main MOS. I even went back and extended another year and participated in the active reserve. Even though in the Intelligence community, my job was the lowest of the low -- yet, I would have died to keep the trust my country had bestowed upon me. I still would. I love my country very much and would never, ever hurt her.

It breaks my heart that there are so many in positions of trust and power who neither love our country nor have any qualms about breaking our trust and selling our secrets. Would somebody please tell me what is so jeezorighteous about selling out your nation and kinfolk for a quick buck in the here and now? Every republic who has thumped a Bible and worried that gays were going to somehow put their marriages in jeopardy, rather than keeping an eye on the traitors who have so easily sold us out, deserves a public bitch-slap; or worse for supporting and suborning treason and the destruction of our Constitution.

I say to them again, shame upon shame upon you all.


One thing that was drilled into us over and over and over again in the military is that the highest form of respect to our country and to our roles in the intelligence community was never-ever, under any circumstances divulge anything. "Neither confirm nor deny" was a phrase repeated many times a day.

To think that these chickenhawk civilians, who were either to lazy or too cowardly to serve, are all-too willing to chuck our technology directly into the hands of our enemies. I just can't fathom it -- I'm not put together that way. Do they hate America so much they'd happily destroy it? Are they just so self-serving and egocentric that they just don't care? I can't imagine a motivation that would cause me to hurt my country and my fellow Americans so.

Again, I'm not so much angry as truly and deeply disappointed in their lack of integrity and morals; not to mention their complete lack of patriotism. How dare they question my patriotism when I served (twice, dammit!) and did my job for home and country -- and they didn't. Worse, they sold home, fellows and country out. It disgusts me right down to the ground.

And they wonder why we call them Selfservatives.


The neoKKKons are shitting up their backs at being caught, found out and now they're being outed for treason. They'll pull anything at this point. Anything. That scares hell outta me, for they've already said that if impeachment proceeds or it looks like they'll lose control and be prosecuted, they won't hesitate to ice an American city. No wonder Pelosi is walking on tiptoe -- American lives are in the balance, and right here on American soil.

Good G'd protect us and give us the strength to battle the evil right in our midst.


Anyone rooting for war with Iran had best to study the facts -- and be ready to glow in the dark, because that particular little venture will most guaranteed not to be fought exclusively "over there". Neither Al Qaeda nor the NeoCons will have the slightest bit of trouble icing as many American cities as it takes to get and keep total control.

The Founders and Framers are looking down from Glory and shaking their heads. Franklin is probably saying, "Damn you all, I told you so."

~ Red Letter Rev
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My gratitude for allowing me to repost your words here, dear Rev.



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