Friday, December 14, 2007

UN Raises $420 Million. US Gives $0

UN emergency fund raises $420 million

Associated Press

The United Nations emergency fund collected $420 million Thursday in voluntary pledges for 2008 relief programs, led by aid from Europe and developing nations.

The Central Emergency Response Fund has distributed $595 million in food, water and medical assistance since it was established in March 2006 to assist victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, U.N. officials said.

Britain topped the list of about 70 nations and non-governmental contributors with a pledge of more than $80 million. The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway each promised more than $55 million, while Canada said it would give about $40 million. More than half the pledges came from developing nations.

The fund received no pledges from the United States or Russia.


The U.S., which remains the world's biggest contributor to U.N. humanitarian aid programs, donated $10 million to the fund in 2006, but did not contribute for 2007.

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