Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Umm...Howard Baker?

Remember the man? Known as the "Great Conciliator." Howard Baker is often regarded as one of the most successful senators in terms of brokering compromises, enacting legislation, and maintaining civility. Baker gained national recognition in 1973 as Vice Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee.

Well he's back! And stomping for Freddy for Hollywood.

"Sen. Fred Thompson announced today the members of his National Campaign Leadership Team: Sen. Howard H. Baker will serve as honorary chairman of his presidential campaign and Sen. Spencer Abraham, Sen. George Allen, and Elizabeth Cheney will serve as campaign co-chairs."

Like Thompson, of course, Baker is a former Tennessee senator. He's also "my longtime mentor, adviser, and close friend," Thompson says in the campaign statement.

And so it begins....

Where's the Coyote?

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