Thursday, July 05, 2007

Teens are People!

For nearly three years Nancy W. went to extreme measures to protect herself at high school. Fearing for her safety, she stopped using the school restroom, and avoided the hallways by walking outside between classes. On an almost daily basis she was tormented at school – verbally harassed by other students who threw bottles and other objects at her, pushed her down a flight of stairs, stole her books - and on one occasion urinated in her book-bag! After repeatedly reporting these incidents to the school’s administration and being ignored, Nancy was forced to leave school in the middle of her Junior year. Nancy faced all of this because she’s a lesbian.

Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit on Nancy’s behalf based on a state law that prohibits sexual orientation discrimination in schools. Lambda Legal is fighting a battle against discrimination for Nancy and for other LGBTQ students around the country, and they need our help to win cases like these!

You can start by going to here

This antidiscrimination case not only brings hope to one young adult - it's a step forward for LGBT people nationwide.

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