Sunday, May 06, 2007

Protection for Wolves

Wyoming and Idaho are poised to start the biggest wolf massacre in decades.

  • Federal protections under the Endangered Species Act must be kept intact for wolves in the Northern Rockies until adequate state plans are in place that would protect and conserve wolves.
  • Idaho is not ready or willing to manage wolves to ensure their existence into the future. Idaho’s official position on wolves, passed by their legislature, is that wolves should be removed "by whatever means necessary." The state’s Governor supports a plan to kill 80% of Idaho's wolves.
  • Wyoming's proposed state wolf laws are designed to kill as many wolves as possible - kill more than half of its wolves (16 of 23 packs) immediately upon delisting and to maintain extremely low wolf numbers thereafter through any means including poisoning, pulling pups from their dens and aerial gunning.
Speak up for our wolves! Submit your comments today to federal officials. Tell them to keep critical protections in place for wolves in the Northern Rockies.

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