Friday, March 09, 2007

DEQ Withdraws Approval of Kennecott Mine

The Department of Environmental Quality announced Thursday that it has withdrawn its proposed decision to approve a permit for the Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company to construct a mine on the Yellow Dog Plains.

Officials say they discovered that two reports on the structural integrity of the mine were not properly made part of the public record or given a comprehensive review.


Yellow Dog Plains

Save the Wild UP

I hope this mine doesn't get approval. The area they are thinking of mining is about 3 miles from the camp I did a lot of growing up at. The place that I had my first beer, shot my first gun and spent quality time with two of my role models, my grandpa and my great grandpa. This mine has the potential to destroy a pristine wilderness and a pristine river. This delay is a step in the right direction. I hope the Michigan DEQ does the right thing and does not give this mine approval.

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