Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Morning

Today the Senate will vote on whether to allow the anti-escalation resolution that passed the House yesterday to go to the Senate floor.

John Avarosis at AMERICAblog has something to say about who has chosen not to change his schedule to remain in Washington for this important vote. Hmmm....

The House voted yesterday on the resolution to condemn escalation with it passing 246-182. It is important to note that two Democrats, Jim Marshall (GA) and Gene Taylor (MS) defected and voted against it. However, 17 Republicans defied their party line to vote to condemn the "surge." TPM Cafe has the list of GOP Defectors.

It truly was a wartime rebuke to the Commander in Chief. Although it is an act that is not binding it certainly carries symbolic significance.

Congressmen and Congresswomen spoke this week about the policy in Iraq. Many stood up together and stated they were against this escalation.

Video: Rep. Patrick Murphy and Rep. John Hall.

The Gavel has more video of the speeches of the Freshman who spoke out against the escalation.

And Raw Story reports:

On the same day that the House of Representatives expressed its disapproval of President Bush's US troop increase in Iraq, the Pentagon announced it is accelerating the deployment of a division headquarters there by about three months, which would add another 1,000 troops to the "surge."
The 3rd Infantry Division headquarters, based in Fort Stewart, Ga. was scheduled for deployment in June 2007, however it will now begin its deployment in March 2007.

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