Friday, January 19, 2007

Killing Satellites

China hails satellite killer - and stuns its rivals in space

In the first such test since the cold war era, the White House confirmed that China had used a medium-range ballistic missile, launched from the ground, to destroy an ageing weather satellite more than 500 miles into space. "We are aware of it and we are concerned, and we made it known," the White House spokesman, Tony Snow, told reporters.

Snow added that this doesn't change the GOP's ideological agenda to bankrupt the U. S. Government by eliminating capital gains taxes at home and letting estates worth over $2 million pass from generation to generation without paying taxes. He stated that the administration is grateful for the opportunity to place the country in hock and borrow even more money from the Chinese to advance the GOP's ideological agenda, if the San Francisco liberal who controls the House lets them.

Snow stated that: "The Bush tax cuts are American and any old Democratic liberal war horse who thinks otherwise is just doing Democratic liberal war horse stuff."

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