Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Hate Politics

I believe that politicians should put aside political parties right here and right now to dig this country out of the mess we're in. Because it's an election year this will not happen, because neither party wants to give to other party credit for a proposal or an idea that would be beneficial to "We the People."

Right now we've a proposition from NJ Sen Menendez for a "tax holiday" on gas. This is one hell of an idea, bound to cut some of the price down. What's wrong this idea? It's a damn election year and it's proposed by a DEMOCRAT. Although I haven't heard any sort of Republican response to this proposal, I am almost willing to guarantee they will put politics and party before "We the People."

Then the Republicans claim that this isn't an energy policy issue, blah, blah. Frankly I don't give two rat's asses about what's causing the high prices, I just care about a solution. I am sure the majority of Americans don't give a rat's ass either. No matter what's causing the problem, the American people are paying for it. Come on politicians when you see a problem, join forces to solve the problem, afterall you serve US, "We the People."

I am sure the arguement from the right will be "It's the enviromentalists fault, they won't let us drill in ANWAR." Well, no shit people don't want drilling in ANWAR. For starters, it's not even proven that the area has any oil, let alone enough to dent oil prices. If it were to produce oil it wouldn't produce enough to rid us of foreign oil, as evidenced by EIA estimates, even at peak production by EIA estimates we'd still be importing 66% of our oil from foreign sources, down from 70% right now. To me it isn't worth it. (EIA estimates in article) (Tax holiday)

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