Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Now the spirit flew again
and this time he came upon a city
Shining bright in the darkness
So the spirit he set down.

Then he walked among the people
In a fitting earth disguise
So no one recognized him
Though they wondered at his eyes.

And there a girl in desperation
Was searching through the sky
For a star that she could wish upon
But stars were in short supply

And the only light that she could see
There shining all alone
Was a neon sign on an old bar
And so on this,
she wished she was home.

And that is where my posts on this end. These stories were taken from the first CD by Trans Siberian Orchestra. It is entitled Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

With the help of Jen, I was able to upload their song. An Angel Returned.

May there be Peace Soon!

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