Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rev. Jackson made a brilliant point last night at Rosa Parks' funeral (G'd grant her peace and reward) and I wish I had TiVo to recapture his sermon...

Long and short, it went something like: you're interested in Medicare; you're interested in Pell Grants; you're interested in equal rights; you're interested in taking care of other people "... so you must be interested in voting!".

Yes!!! That simple.

I searched CSPAN for a transcript and googled the part of the quote I recalled, but no soap. I don't have sound so I can't use the video player. AAARRRGH! If anyone can review that feed and find that quote, it's well worth the trip and bring-back-to-blog. Rev Jackon and the Bishop were the last two speakers, so I'm guessing it will be near the end.

If you missed the funeral but can watch RealĀ® video, do honor Mrs Parks, the history she carried with her and what she did with it that made history by listening to those who eulogized her. Even in passing, Rosa Parks gave us one more gift by bringing so many able speakers together.

Revs Jackson's and Sharpton's history lessons (as much as I got to hear) contain many things we need to remember, carry forward and keep alive. The Senior Bishop who spoke last, spoke of a Spirit would could take a rock and raise it up to be a diamond. That is, Mrs Parks was one of many who Spirit reached out and touched, then quietly said,

"You. Now. It's gonna hurt, but you'll be okay for I've got you in the palm of My hand," and young Rosa had the faith, wit and courage to make it so and make it through.

Rosa had the courage and faith to carry that burden, suffer consequences in our name and for our sake... and leave us a better world. We owe to her memory to understand what she went through and to take an example from her, how she felt strongly enough to trust herself and her Higher Power, to take that step off a cliff into thin air.

Our Constitution, the rights in it (explicit or implicit) are our heritage to take care of, to polish with love and service, rather than to dismantle and despoil. The Framers left us the mechanisms to improve our lot; many have suffered and died to keep those mechanisms and liberties in place. How do we hang on to the liberties we enjoy or gain those we should?

Rev Jackson was absolutely spot-on when he said in order to keep these and hand them down, we "must be interested in voting!".

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