Saturday, November 12, 2005

CNN has been playing up pResident Bush's push for people to join the new Medicare scam, um, plan. I had to respond and hope that people in situations similar to mine would please speak up.

The news short on President Bush's touting of the new Social Security plan doesn't tell the real story -- what reality is out here in the world.

Both my mother and my life partner are disabled and depend on Medicare to cover the cost of their medicines.

Under the current plan, each pays a reasonable co-pay that they can manage from their stipends. Under the new plan, my partner's initial deductible is $5100, then he will pay 50% of each medication thereafter, rather than a $3-to-$10 co-pay per prescription.

That $5100 "down payment" translates to 2 months' worth of medication, starting January. His stipend is $750/month. Push a pencil and see what comes out. Keep the carmine red handy for the total.

My mother is in the same situation, although her stipend is somewhat higher. In either case, since I am the only wage-earner between us, it's up to me to make up the difference. Thanks to "outsourcing" and the selling off of American business and technology, my salary has consistently dropped in the last 10 years. My salary may seem like a lot to some people, but it is all I can do to keep myself, my mom and my partner afloat. If they are forced into this new plan, the sudden lack of medication will kill them both.

I must ask President Bush, where is the "benefit" in that? I must ask CNN, where is the other half of the story? I must ask our legislators, how can they live with the destruction they have wrought? Where is the "compassionate" conservatism George Bush lulled us with in 2000?

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.


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