Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wolves in the churches...

Every once in a while, I'll read something on a blog that just flat out nails how I feel. In this case, it's the following paragraphs written by a friend regarding the slick packaging of Jesus Christ into a sort of "religion for dummies", and requiring little or no original thought from the end-user.

Jesus didn't feel the need to package and productize His message. If someone cared to follow His way, there were welcome. But He never once coerced, guilted, cajoled or threatened anyone into following Him. He didn't lay out step-for-step what His followers were to think, say, do, or vote for.

How unlike the BigBox "preachers" who are purveying endorphine-drenched, guilt-wrenching, runner's-high, WalMart "religion". It really offends me (and a LOT of other people as well) that they would take such a message of hope, acceptance, service and peace, then turn it into a war mission to push political agenda.

Their techniques are vile and insidious. I've been subjected to their mind-messing and guilt-mongering. I've long been at the wrong end of their xenophobic campaigns most of my life. I've witnessed the insides of their programming and indoctrination operations. The object they seek is to override a person's good sense and personal relationship with G'd in order to give themselves a nice, lazy, work-free, tax-free living. Only in America are people so blindly gullable as to pay loads of money for intangibles they already possess: faith, hope, love and understanding. (emphasis mine)

Hat-tip to Amanda B. Reckondwyth, Bill F.'s alter ego...

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