Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A while back I posted about my trouble with our local school distributing bibles. What I didn't include was the rift this caused within my family. My Father in Law, a retired Methodist Minister, was informed by some other family members about my decision to notify the ACLU. Soon thereafter, I received a letter from him essentially saying that I had put my family in jeopardy, and that perhaps I hadn't thought about what effect this action might have in many different areas of my Earthly and Spiritual life. He is perhaps the only man on the planet that could say that to me with no fear of physical retaliation, because I admire his adherence to his faith, he in fact lives his faith, and rarely speaks of it. My kind of Christian, truth be told. I sent a letter back, and we worked it out and are aware of, and respect each other's positions. Last night, he called me and was livid about a guest speaker a local church had the other night. She actually asked the congregation to pray for Karl Rove, a man persecuted unfairly by a liberal press. My Father in Law believes that the church has no basis to involve themselves in Govt matters, he's says nowhere in the Scriptures is that called for. This event ticked him off, so I decided to tell him about the other offensive practices the evangelicals are responsible for. We talked a long time, and I came away from this experience drained and unsatisfied. I say that because there was no joy in pointing out the wolves in the churches. It alarmed him and and his sense of betrayal was palpable over the phone. I recommeded Jim Wallis to him and he promised to read his book and get back to me....

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