Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rush said "Frankly, I'm also fed up -- not fed up. I retract that. I'm weary, ladies and gentlemen, of even having to express sympathy. "Oh, she lost her son!" Yes, yes, yes, but (sigh) we all lose things."

As upsetting and disgusting as Rush's comments are, I think we should take heart that this protest is driving the Republicans crazy.

Casey's mother, in her grief, is trying to save other sons and daughters from the same fate. I agree that Democratic leaders should not join her in Texas because she is much more effective as a grass-roots movement.

Paul Begala keenly remarked: "Such is the hatred of the far right at the dawn of the 21st Century. And my how the optical worm has turned. Today it is the left invoking faith, flag and family, while the right destroys crosses. Today it is the left that honors the war dead, raises up a Gold Star Mother and publicly prays for our troops, while the right viciously attacks a woman who gave her country everything. Today it is the left that patiently and peacefully respects the Office of the Presidency, while the right diminishes the office by claiming it's more important for the President to go bike-riding with a sports hero than comfort the mother of a war hero. " more

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