Thursday, January 20, 2011

In remembrance of Barbi

Our dear talented friend and editor/blogger, Barbi, passed away in October and is sorely missed by us and by the readers of this blog. Here are some thoughts for and about Barbi from some of us who knew and loved her.

From Beth in New York:

Raising a glass to Barbi! A person who was always there for us all during those tough times when our country was under siege back in 2004. Barbi embraced nature and shared her love of it with us, with pictures of Northern Michigan.

Barbi took over the blog full time when I was not allowed to blog anymore while working for the government in 2007. She did a great job!! She managed the trolls that would lurk.

I will never forget the late nights when we would all blog with Barbi; Jen sharing music and teaching us html, Greg from New Yawk sharing those obscure scenarios, the Rev from NC talking about daisy dukes, Cin from Cali coming into the conversation late and trying to catch up, Rick filling us in on the events in Tennessee, Maura from "The Fat Lady Signs" sharing her ever impressive posts, The Heretick from Utah popping in to leave a link to a post he did, Pam from CT informing us of the Connecticut Senate Race (remember Ned vs Joemomentum), BB from Mass, helping us through the laws being passed back then, George on the road in his camper and his dogs, Paul (in VA) always responding to the right wing attacks, and Dellberto taken under the wing of Barbi - Mom and Son. There are so many people whose lives were touched by Barbi.

We are still a group that stays in touch and we miss Barbi but know she is at peace in the Spirit World embracing nature.

From Cin in California:

Dearest Barbi:

We met during a special time. The old KA gang shared some great times that I will never forget. I will always remember the laughs, tears and your spirit and determination.
Rest In Peace, Dearest Barbi

From Greg G. in New York:

In those days right before and after Kerry lost in '04 I was looking for something to do with my sense of despair and anger. I stumbled onto the DNC blog and found a group of funny, warm folks to share hopes and nightmares with and I met Barbara. We collaborated on some writing and she liked my jokes. Over the years I discovered that a person’s essence is just as easily revealed over the internet as it is when holed up during a snowstorm in some mid-west road house filled with strangers who as they relax into their rum and cokes slowly ease into sharing their life stories. But I wish I had sat next to her on bar stools in such a dive just once in this lifetime.

From Jenny in Ohio:

Thank you, dear Barbi, for being a good friend. You're a generous, fun lady and there are so many memories I have of you that I know will stay with me forever. I wish we had had a chance to meet face to face, but our spirits met and that is a blessing. I remember fondly your pride in your Scottish heritage and this seemed an appropriate tribute for you...

My Heart is ravisht with delight,
when thee I think upon;
All Grief and Sorrow takes the flight,
and speedily is gone;
The bright resemblance of thy Face,
so fills this, Heart of mine;
That Force nor Fate can me displease,
for Old long syne.

Rev. James (and Robert) in North Carolina:

Barbi was a strong advocate for Rob and me. She and I exchanged quite a few emails. Her warmth, humor, and strong sense of fair play were such light in this often terrible and dark world. She is sorely missed.

From Tony D. in Minneapolis

What I remember most of Barbi was her passion and the collection of interests she both nurtured and found nurturing - from nature and gardening, to Scottish History and heritage, to ships however small or grand the quarterdeck. The passion informed her writing and posts and when you thought she might have exhausted her knowledge or interest in a subject a response to one of your comments let you know there was more to enjoy if you cared.

A Seafarer's Prayer (Sung by Lisa Thiel)

O may the winds be fair and the Great Sea be calm,
May we follow our course surely from Dark until Dawn,
With the Bright Stars above us and the Great Sea below
And the Graces around us wherever we go.
Oh, we call on the winds to be ally and friends
And to carry us through until journey's end.
Oh, we call on the winds for their help and their aid,
To carry us out and over the waves.

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